Study confirms the existence of a vast market for the stockpiling and sales of sand in Nigeria; the demand is high and is growing everyday. Presently, one can say the market is grossly under supplied and is not saturated and the constructions companies are demanding for especially fresh water sand for construction purposes, because the sand type are very good for industrial and social development, to meet the consumption needs of our rapidly growing population.

Dredging is simply digging of mud, sand, gravel, pebbles, rocks and other deposit from the bottom of the creek, lagoon sand waterways using a vessel equipped for such purpose called a “DREDGER’’, such dug up materials depending on the type could be used for reclamation of swampy terrain, building and construction works. Sharps sand and gravel can be mine using a dredger to reclaim vast expanse of swampy land and stock piled for sales.

Sand dredging is vital for human habit and survival, industrial and social development, and for meeting the consumption need of our rapidly growing population. The market for stockpiling for commercial purpose is high and very lucrative. This is especially in high populated and fast growing state like Lagos and Ogun state, where massive housing estates and good road networks requiring land and sharp sand, dots every nook and cranny.

The consequence is high demand and subsequent high price, since limited numbers of dredging companies currently operating in the country are;

  • GM and Fu Ross
  • C. B. Dredging
  • Westminster dredging company
  • Shoreline Maritime
  • Japaul Oil & Maritime Services Ltd.
  • Ibile holdings

These are the major providers of

dredging services in the country. Although, the major providers of dredging activities of these companies are targeted for commercial purposes, they are not geared purpose; they are geared towards stockpiling for sale. Only very few sand suppliers use manual method to scoop sand from the creek. The result is that only a small percentage of demand for sharp sand is met while large abound for the future entrants.

Dredgers are in different sizes, they ranges from 6” – 30”. The choice of dredger solely depends on one’s pocket and the intended purposes of acquiring the dredger. Though, the higher the dredger, the higher the staff, the logistics and even the PROFIT. Other equipments needed for a full dredging company includes Payloader, Excavator, Bulldozer, Generator and Cabin for the Staff.

License/Dredging Permit is also needed either from Federal or the State government for a dredging company to operate without itches. The last but not the least is the host community where the company will operate from.